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We offer for sale a new grade of coking coal. 20 000 mt available on monthly basis. Click here for SGS Test Report (Note: Ash expected +2%)

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Invent - coal mining & exportAbout us

Invent is an export-oriented trading unit of the coal production company Polegor JSC. Since 2005, Invent operates as an export company that delivers coking coal, coke, steam coal and anthracite.

The joint-stock company Polegor produces coal from the Chulmakan deposit, a coal deposit located in the Yuzhno-Yakut coal basin the Chulmakan deposit: coal export that allows for production of J-grade coking coal.

The Chulmakan coal deposit allows for production of a high-quality coal (with net calorific value of between 6,000 and 6,500 kilocalories), which can be used in metallurgic and power production industries. The Chulmakan deposit possesses a well-developed production and railroad infrastructure the Chulmakan deposit: coking coal of J-grade that ensures a full-cycle process of coal extraction and transportation.

Coal export
Benefiting from the Yuzhno-Yakut coal basin location nearby the Pacific coast, Invent offers export deliveries of coal to Asian Pacific markets, basically on terms of FOB port Vostochny the Chulmakan deposit: coal mining and FOB port Vanino. For export to the Asian Pacific markets, the company can also provide Russian coal extracted in Kuzbass region, including steam coal of grades D and SS, and coking coal of brands KS and GJ.

Europe as well is a target export region for Invent: to European markets, the company delivers Kuzbass coal through FOB Baltic and White Sea ports.

To the Black Sea ports, Invent delivers export shipments of anthracite.

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